Digital Marketing in 2022

​In 2022, no one strategy can save the day. ​Digital marketing is not just about the creative aspects, but about building a marketing technology infrastructure that dynamically focuses on the brand identity. The full stack of tools must be aligned to work together.

Digital marketing is an umbrella that encompasses all kinds of activity which drives attention to, and defines your brand. The world has gone digital and traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective and efficient as in previous years; and the more time passes, the more this becomes evident.

Companies spends thousands, if not millions each year on traditional advertising with little return on their investment. The cost of customer acquisition continues to climb and companies not taking advantage of digital marketing are finding themselves far behind their competition.


Cutting Edge Capabilities

We specialize in branding strategy, viral campaigns and innovative hyper-targeted advertising techniques.

Branding & Asset Development

Our extensive branding experience and best-of-class creative team are adept at building brands – from their initial concepts to their grand vision using a wide range of assets.

White Label Social Media Platform

Matchstick and its partner Skylab, have developed a white label social media platform that allows companies, brands, influencers, non-profits etc to have their own platform rich with features.

Ad Creative

It’s simple: highly engaging ads bring more sales. We create scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing advertisements engineered to convert initial impressions to sales.

Social Media Growth & Ad Management

Being active on social media is a necessity, rather than just an advantage. We are proven experts in establishing social media presence, maximizing engagement and running highly successful ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other platforms.

Content Display Network Advertising

Matchstick strategically deploys ads across a network spanning millions of websites and apps covering every niche.

Hyper-Targeted Geofencing

Matchstick’s hyper-targeting technology is able to draw a digital perimeter fence around single or multiple locations and deliver ads over a vast CDN to anyone within that boundary.

Multiple Demand Side Platforms

Most companies only use 1-3 DSPs to display ads, we use over 25 in order to bring the greatest value to your ad spend.

Connected TV Advertising

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. households have access to a ConnectedTV device. Matchstick targets these viewers based on intent data and behaviors to deliver high performance ads.

E-Commerce Development & Scaling

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the name of the game. Stores not built with conversion as their #1 priority bleed money and opportunity. From storefront design to fulfillment and logistics – we do it all.


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